Here’s a short excerpt from my past and current (public) projects:

  • SR6 Character Sheet: when our gaming group switched to online play during the COVID-19 pandemic, I built a digital character sheet for Shadowrun 6
  • Keedrop: easily & securely send passwords. It doesn’t replace GPG, but at least you won’t have to send them in plaintext over chat or email.
  • k290-fnkeyctl: when I got myself annoyed with the way that my Logitech keyboard handled its function keys, I reverse-engineered a small application to switch the behaviour on Linux.
  • SQLite3-WinRT, metro-driver and Win8-Cucumber.js: working at doo (nowadays called Scanbot), we pioneered development on the then new Windows 8 platform and wrote a SQLite3 adapter as well as tooling for automated testing of our application.