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For a Short Break - I Wish

Now for a short break. Or make that a wish for more breaks. Time has been especially short for me for the last few weeks. I even had to cancel my vacation - just when I was looking forward to catching up on my MOOCs.

But all crunchtime must come to an end and there really are some interesting courses to look forward to, too.

Although I’m hopelessly behind schedule on “Think Again”, I’ll also pick up that one again. I must admit that week 3 found me in a kind of unmotivated mood as the course was progressing quite slowly and the application of the subject matter eluded me. The topic for week 4 is Propositional Logic and Truth Tables: quite familiar ground for people with an IT background, so I’ll probably be able to breeze through that part. After that the topic seems to become more complex and I also feel like I can see an arch emerging that goes from analyzing arguments to developing ones own arguments. But even if I’ll probably not be able to apply the topic at hand in the way I originally presumed, I guess I still may find it highly useful for my personal contemplations.

And as if my list of interesting MOOCs wasn’t long enough already, a new MOOC portal, Iversity opened its doors just today. Among the initial course lineup there’s one I find especially interesting: The Future Of Storytelling. Ever since first playing a round of the Fiasco roleplaying game a couple of months ago, I found myself more and more intrigued with the topic of Storytelling. I also watched the first week of Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative on Coursera, but somehow couldn’t really warm to it. So I’m really looking forward to this course on Iversity. The hashtag is #storymooc - see you there!